Visiting Taiwan and Singapore

People all over the world went overseas mostly for the purpose of travel in 2023 because the influence of coronavirus is weaker and weaker. I'm one of them as well.

I visited Taiwan 2 times and Singapore a time this year. They are my favorite nations, so I often go to them. The aim of this travel is to research Starbucks Experience, how they utilize digital technology in public transportation and the current state of them after the pandemic of coronavirus.

First, I checked the services of Starbucks as a shareholder of the company, which includes Tianyu, the 1st store in Taiwan, and Liat Towers, the 1st store in Singapore. While staying abroad, I'm so exhausted by the difference of cultures and languages. In the situation what heals me is the comfortable time at Starbucks. This experience shows the cafe is not only Third Place but also Haven for people from other countries, that is, it has a part like assistance for displaced persons.

Second, mobilities optimized by digital technology are very convenient. In Singapore when you get on public transportation, it is possible to use the contactless payment of credit card. By the way, it is introduced not only in Singapore but also in London and New York City. In Japan IC card, for example, Suica, is mainstream and the contactless payment of credit card is still in the experimental stage.

IC card has a weak point. It is that you need to make a deposit regularly. However, doing that on the contactless payment of credit card is not essential. In other words there is no action to move money in advance, so you can ride trains without concern for details. It is very good for customers.

The another topic is that I verified the quality of Uber in Taiwan and Grab in Singapore, which are ridesharing services. It made me so excited and feel they have a great potential. Customers are able to share the detailed information of operation with drivers via the internet all the time, so the latter have difficulty to commit frauds. This is the advantage of the service. It isn’t doing business in Japan but I hope it will start activities as soon as possible.

Third, people in Taiwan and Singapore are walking for the future strongly. For instance, the food stand streets have as much energy as the days before the pandemic of coronavirus. Besides, persons who wear masks in the nations are considerably less than Japan and use masks at the right time according to not being swayed by unreliable information but understanding the function of them. I think it means deciding how to live using your own judgment is crucial.

As you can see, visiting Taiwan and Singapore after the pandemic of coronavirus, I was able to think about the nature of things and solutions for issues through diverse experiences. Next year I will move forward to realize my visions on the basis of applying the contents into action plans.


Music is a part of my life

I wanted to be a professional guitarist, composer and arranger when I was a student. However, I don't think so now because I realized that producing stages where musicians can represent their emotions freely through music and dance is my role. I play the guitar, compose songs and arrange them but cannot create many works as a professional, so I will continue to do them at my own pace. 


By the way, my favorite musicians are as below. Def Leppard, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Goo Goo Dolls, Andrew McMahon, Green Day, Yellowcard, Motor Ace, Van Halen, Cyndi Lauper, Foo Fighters, Andy Timmons, Polyphia, Siam Shade, Joe Inoue, Perfume, J01, Izone, Niziu and Twice.



The work experience of Hiroshi Fujioka

Born in Azumino, Nagano, Japan on Oct 7, 1978

Graduated from Media Design, Faculty of Education, Tohoku University on Mar 31, 2002

I work as a teacher in the secondary mathematics education and promote philanthropy education, for example, the activities of Tohoku University Fund, Japan Fundraising Association and Fujioka Research Group, which has the purpose to bring out the potential of university students through dealing with social issues. In addition, it is really exciting for me to make interesting collaborations, produce music festivals that entertain people all over the world and improve the management of Starbucks as a shareholder who can think about diverse problems from viewpoints of customers and partners.

The skills are active learning, management, problem solving, strategy, event production, mathematics and web design.


Azumino International Music Festival
Feb 2015 - Nov 2015
Managing as a vice president and public relations officer was my role.

Sep 2014 - May 2015
I participated in it as a partner and advisor.

Matsumoto Music Festival
Mar 2005 - Apr 2012
It drew about 5,000 audiences per time. I served as an executive producer.

Date Rock Festival
Feb 2000 - Sep 2001

The highly motivated students founded the festival to liven up Sendai by the power of the youth. I'm one of them.

Tohoku University International Festival
Aug 1998 - Dec 1998
I created exciting collaborations with international students.


Tohoku University Fund

Partner and Promoter of Philanthropy Education
Apr 2020 - Present

It supports diverse projects of Tohoku University, which make people all over the world very excited.

Fujioka Research Group
Founder and Manager
May 2017 - Present

The purpose is to bring out the potential of university students and young members of society through dealing with social issues. We have projects about public transportation and passive smoking.

Japan Fundraising Association

Partner and Promoter of Philanthropy Education
Apr 2015 - Present 

We innovate the society with fundrasing.



The LinkedIn article I posted on Aug 28

I think the most famous cafe in Japan is Starbucks. Let me write my story about it.

We met in Sendai when I was a student at Tohoku University. I felt self-conscious about the atmosphere, so I was not able to enter the store for a long time. One day I experienced it for a reason. It is a turning point. Since that time, I have become a fan of Starbucks.

The culture of this cafe is perfect for me. Considering that I have enjoyed the music and fashion of the US since I was a junior high school student, the mentality formed in the actions probably affected the feeling. I'm so happy to read books, make ideas and have discussions with highly motivated persons there. That's indispensable in my life.

I’m not only a customer but also a shareholder. The purpose is to make Starbucks more exciting and interesting. I often devise ways of improving the management with the partners as a shareholder who can think about diverse problems from viewpoints of customers and partners.

Besides, I’m interested in the history of Starbucks and the philosophy of Howard Schultz, the CEO, so I have been reading his autobiography. It tells me lots of twists and turns of the company and Howard. The essence will be useful for my work. 

The world is changing significantly. In the state what is the role of Starbucks? I think it is to enrich people’s hearts from the perspective of a third place. I hope the cafe will remain being an existence like it as both a fan and shareholder.






























中学生のとき、映画「Back To The Future」を見たことを機に、英語とアメリカについて学ぶようになりました(それ以前に、親の影響でたまにビートルズを聴いていましたが、これは特に英語への関心にはつながっていません)。