The LinkedIn article I posted on Aug 28

I think the most famous cafe in Japan is Starbucks. Let me write my story about it.

We met in Sendai when I was a student at Tohoku University. I felt self-conscious about the atmosphere, so I was not able to enter the store for a long time. One day I experienced it for a reason. It is a turning point. Since that time, I have become a fan of Starbucks.

The culture of this cafe is perfect for me. Considering that I have enjoyed the music and fashion of the US since I was a junior high school student, the mentality formed in the actions probably affected the feeling. I'm so happy to read books, make ideas and have discussions with highly motivated persons there. That's indispensable in my life.

I’m not only a customer but also a shareholder. The purpose is to make Starbucks more exciting and interesting. I often devise ways of improving the management with the partners as a shareholder who can think about diverse problems from viewpoints of customers and partners.

Besides, I’m interested in the history of Starbucks and the philosophy of Howard Schultz, the CEO, so I have been reading his autobiography. It tells me lots of twists and turns of the company and Howard. The essence will be useful for my work. 

The world is changing significantly. In the state what is the role of Starbucks? I think it is to enrich people’s hearts from the perspective of a third place. I hope the cafe will remain being an existence like it as both a fan and shareholder.